Remove password to open for Excel and Word 97-2003 (.xls/.doc files)

Passcovery’s service decodes any password-protected file created in Excel or Word 97-2003, creating an exact copy of the file without password protection.

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Why use

Over 20,000 users around the world have used the service to remove the passwords from their Excel/Word files.

100% guarantee

Passcovery guarantees that its service can decrypt and remove the password for any Excel/Word file with 40-bit encryption (.doc/.dot/.xls/.xla files created in Microsoft Office 97-2003). It doesn’t matter how long or complex the password is.

No software to install on your computer

To remove the password to open an Excel/Word file, all you need is a web browser to upload the protected file and an email address where we can send the decrypted copy.

Pay for results

You will see the first page of your document immediately after decryption. There is no charge for the decryption – you only pay to receive a copy of the decrypted file once the decryption is successful.

Decryption and password removal in 24 hours

Once you upload your file to, decryption and password removal will take less than 24 hours.

Retains all data and formatting

The decrypted file will retain all the data and formatting of your original text or Excel spreadsheet. The only difference will be the missing password.

My experience with AccessBack was better than I expected. I lost my password to a document that was integral to my own PTSD therapy - there was no real way to recreate what I had lost, and for the life of me, I couldn't even think what that password may have been. I'd tried several different software sites, and after 5 days of of the software attempting Brute-Force Attack, I still had no access to the document. In a last ditch attempt, I tried AccessBack, and got exactly what I was hoping for within 2 hours. Not only is the service fast, but it's also affordable. Thank you for all your help.

Amanda MeyerLos Angeles, USA

I think your service is great!

I have been trying to guess this password and looking for ways to unlock the document for over 8 years now - what you guys accomplished in less than a couple of days, I've been trying to do for almost a decade.

Also, of course if I've kept the document for that long and put so much effort into it, I have great sentimental value in it! I really appreciate all your help!

The service is fast, efficient, and trustworthy!

M*** O***Canada

Thank you very much and I have not my file without any password! You saved me from building up that spreadsheet again!

Great job!

Maria Charity LuEastwood, Australia

How removes Excel/Word passwords

Watch how and when rainbow tables save you time, so you don’t have to recover the actual password to your Microsoft Office file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fast decryption is only an option for Excel/Word files with 40-bit encryption keys. That means the service will work with any file created in Excel/Word 97-2003 with .doc/.dot and .xls/.xla extension. Files created in the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite (those with the .xlsx/.docx extensions) cannot be decrypted because the encryption key are much longer. In order to restore access to Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files, you have to recover the actual password.
No. The service will decrypt your document free of charge and email you an image of the first page of the decrypted file. Once you are sure the decryption was successful, you have the option of paying for the entire decrypted file.
You won’t. The service removes the password from your Excel/Word file instead of recovering it. We do this by finding the encryption key, not the actual password.
Just upload your password-protected Excel/Word 97-2003 file to our server. We will email you a screenshot of the first page of the decrypted file. If you want, you can create a test file with a password of any length. We guarantee 100% success, no matter how long or complex the password.
Yes. We offer batch decryption of multiple files. The discount varies depending on how many files you need to decrypt.
For your convenience, we retain decrypted files on our server for 7 days. After that, they are deleted and cannot be recovered. If you need access to the file after 7 days, you will have to upload it to our server again.

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