Recover passwords running Passcovery on NVIDIA/AMD GPU deletes passwords from Excel/Word 97-2003 files. For all other formats, the actual password has to be recovered. That can be a time-consuming process. Want to recover your password and save some time? Use a program that supports graphics cards. Passcovery has them all!

Passcovery Suite for any format

The professional solution for recovering passwords to all the most popular formats:

  • Microsoft Office 95-2013 / OpenOffice 1.1 - 4.x / Adobe Acrobat PDF 2-XI documents
  • Zip/WinZip / Архивы Rar 3.x-5.x archives
  • Apple iOS 4.x-7.x / BlackBerry OS 5.x-10.x backups
  • TrueCrypt volumes
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes

Passcovery Suite runs on NVIDIA/AMD graphics cards for accelerated password tests

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Passcovery Suite cracks lost passwords for Office/RAR/Zip/TrueCrypt/Apple iOS/WPA/WPA2. Powered for NVIDIA/AMD GPUs

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports all versions of Office and OpenOffice

Fast password recovery, support for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, flexible search settings, pre-set and custom search scenarios, support for all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice – you get it all with AccentOPR.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery instantly deletes:

  • Excel/Word workbook/spreadsheet password (all versions)
  • Password to edit Excel/Word files
  • VBA пароль Excel/Word
  • Password to open Access 6-2001
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Awesome password recovery speed for any Microsoft Office/OpenOffice file

Accent RAR Password Recovery for RAR3/RAR5 archives

Without a doubt the best solution on the market today for recovering passwords to RAR/WinRar archives. Supports all versions of RAR3/RAR5, with speed-optimized code and support for AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards.

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Lighting-fast software for cracking the RAR/WinRar password

Accent ZIP Password Recovery for Zip archives with classic and WinZip AES encryption

Run it on top AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards and AccentZPR can blow through a staggering billion passwords per second as it recovers passwords to Zip archives. The software can also leverage the power of GPU computing to recover ZipX passwords created in the latest versions of WinZip.

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AccentZPR - enjoy a quick hack Zip/WinZip archives

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