Decryption of Password-Protected Word/Excel Files is an online service that guarantees successful decryption of Microsoft Word/Excel files with 40-bit encryption without searching for passwords.

Rather than searching for the password finds the encryption key and simply decrypts the data. You don’t have to find the password.

See how it works:

Decrypt Excel/Word without password at (.xls/.doc-files)

If you have lost the password to an Excel/Word document and can’t open it, don’t worry. Our online service helps regain access to encrypted data with a 100% guarantee.

There is no need to search for the right password!

NB: ONLY Microsoft Word/Excel 97-2003 files with 40-bit encryption can be decrypted without searching for the password.

Upload your Excel/Word file and get it decrypted right now

Benefits of

  • 100% successful result for supported Excel/Word files
  • No matter how complex or long a password might be, delivers successful result
  • Decryption if password-protected Excel/Word files in 24 hours max
  • Online decryption without no software to install on your computer
  • Decrypt before you buy! Get a successful result before you pay for it

Functional limitations of

  • The service does not support versions 6-95 of Microsoft Excel/Word documents
  • Unable to decrypt Excel/Word 2003-XP files with 128-bit encryption (protected by additional cryptoproviders) and Word/Excel 2007-2016 documents. More details
  • No instant removal of deletable passwords (worksheet passwords, workbook passwords, VBA passwords, password to modify a workbook)

Those who are confronted with these limitations of the online service are welcome to use our password recovery software products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast decryption is only an option for Excel/Word files with 40-bit encryption keys. That means the service will work with any file created in Excel/Word 97-2003 with .doc/.dot and .xls/.xla extension. Files created in the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite (those with the .xlsx/.docx extensions) cannot be decrypted because the encryption key are much longer. In order to restore access to Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files, you have to recover the actual password.
No. The service will decrypt your document free of charge and email you an image of the first page of the decrypted file. Once you are sure the decryption was successful, you have the option of paying for the entire decrypted file.
You won’t. The service removes the password from your Excel/Word file instead of recovering it. We do this by finding the encryption key, not the actual password.
Just upload your password-protected Excel/Word 97-2003 file to our server. We will email you a screenshot of the first page of the decrypted file. If you want, you can create a test file with a password of any length. We guarantee 100% success, no matter how long or complex the password.
Yes. We offer batch decryption of multiple files. The discount varies depending on how many files you need to decrypt.
For your convenience, we retain decrypted files on our server for 7 days. After that, they are deleted and cannot be recovered. If you need access to the file after 7 days, you will have to upload it to our server again.

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