Word 97-2003 decryption

A more widespread and classic method – recovery of the original password – takes too much time. Thus, one of the fastest applications for recovery of passwords to open Microsoft Office documents – Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3 – will have to run for more than one year to find a quite simple password* containing 8 characters. The longer is a password to open a Word document, the more time it will take to recover it...

Fortunately, we do not seek a password, do we? We need data from a Word file. We do not need a password itself. The key point is to open, print or edit a Word file for which a password was set. Then (Bingo!) the solution becomes far easier – decrypt Word files.

In the result of decryption, in not more than 24 hours, we get an identical copy of a Word document. A very similar copy without password protection. You don't have to know the password to open, edit or print the decrypted Word document. Decrypted Word files don't have passwords. Impressive!

Here is more good news: decryption of Word files is a guaranteed procedure. We'll get a decrypted Word document in any case regardless of the length and complexity of the password set for the Word document. During decryption these protection parameters are not taken into account at all. Once more: 24 hours is the maximum time decryption takes. Fast!

As decryption takes place at AccessBack.com server, we won't have to install new software. A web-browser to upload a password protected Word file, a mailbox to receive instructions and a Word 97-2003 file having 40-bit protection for which a password was set is everything we need. Convenient!

Let's summarize. The bonuses of Word files decryption include:

  • A very similar copy of the document for which a password was set
  • The maximum decryption time – 24 hours
  • Decryption time does not depend either on the password length or complexity
  • No new software of your PC
  • You need only a browser and a mailbox

When a password to open a Microsoft Office document having 40-bit protection is lost, decrypt Word files at AccessBack.com – is an impressing and convenient way to return access to the Word document.

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