Excel 97-2003 decrypting

Decrypting allows you to get a close copy of your Excel document without any password protection. Service AccessBack decrypts Excel 97-2003 documents for which a password was set with great deliberation and accuracy. The service uses algorithms with extraordinary effectiveness.

You will receive your decrypted Excel document within 24 hours. This time period does not depend on the size of the document or on the password length or complexity.

Excel document decryption is 100% guaranteed. Any Excel 97-2003 document for which a password to open was set can be decrypted by the AccessBack service.

You don't have to install additional software on your PC in order to decrypt Excel documents for which a password was set.

You just need Internet access to upload your documents and a mail box to receive notifications. That's all you need to decrypt Excel documents. Decryption is performed by the service at the AccessBack server.

Then you need to check your mail and get your decrypted Excel documents.

The advantages of Excel document decryption include:

  • A very similar copy of the document without password protection
  • Result is ready within 24 hours
  • 100% guarantee of decryption
  • No new software on your PC

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